Established in 2016, founder Jasmine Begin from Ottawa, Canada wanted to give back to her community. When Jasmine was 10 months old she suffered 3rd degree burns to her hands and legs. Throughout her life, Jasmine spent a lot of time at the Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario enduring countless operations and therapy in order to repair skin and tissue damage. Fast forward 24 years, the scars are still prevalent but Jasmine who is more confident than ever wants to give back to those who helped her as a child. She started a clothing company called 'Wear It Forward'. The vision for the company is to create a movement that uses clothing as an outlet to give back. As she puts it: "clothing is essential for everyday life, why not wear the brand that allows you to make a difference in the world?"
Wear It Forward is proud to be able to donate $5.00 from every scrub purchase toward Canadian Nurses Foundation scholarships.